Nourishing the circle of
Your Life!

Chef Kellie

Serving customers in Central Pennsylvania

Enjoy delicious and healthy, home-cooked meals 
without all the hassle!
  • Too busy to cook?
  • Tired of eating out or take-out?
  • Want to eat healthier?
  • Need a temporary cooking vacation?
  • Frustrated by buying good food, with the intention to prepare a healthy meal, only to have the food go bad before you have a chance to cook it?

Imagine this:
  • Your refrigerator is full of healthy food prepared just for you!
  • Your meals are completely customized to meet your food goals! 
  • Someone else has completed your grocery shopping, meal preparation and all the clean up!
  • You have more time and energy for the things you really love!

Sound good to you?  
Let Mandala Meals help make this dream, your REALITY!

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